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Default Re: Drummers in Web Design

I really agree with the philosophy to make things accessible to everyone. And it definitely does have an elitist aire about the next new gadget that comes out every few months.

Like the mp3 players...everyone told me I should get on of those little players, and I could put all my music on it. Well I have 65gig of mp3s on my external drive, and I still haven't transferred my vinyl or video to digital format.

But anyway...yeah I was able to learn enough to manage my own web-page and apply the proper embedded codes on other sites that offer that type of manipulation. Even though my functions and appearance on my site is somewhat remedial, I was really pleased at how fast it loaded on dial-up. I think the only images that get near 100k are the backgrounds.

I use ME on my e-mail computer. And if I could find the USB drivers for my e-machine, I wouldn't have to run XP on my recording computer. The software processes are only 5-10% slower than XP, but transferring between external drives is 10min per gig instead of 1min. But ME has been very reliable for me, on my Art computer I don't have to worry about XP always changing my page-file and virtual memory when I don't use the scanner that frequently. And when I had XP on the e-mail computer, I would have to re-format the hard-drive about once a month to get all the worms off. And I may be mistaken, but ME doesn't seem to be as prone to get some bug hidden on the motherboard somewhere.

I had a friend that was a software designer; he once told me that everytime he fixed all the glitches in the operating system, Windows would release a new version...and he would have to start all over again.

So yeah...If I could I would just run an old analog board and with 8mm multi-track reel-to-reel for all my recording.
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