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Default Re: Drummers in Web Design

Originally Posted by thtst View Post
Nice 'toons! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks thtst. You can tell when I started getting more serious with music because my cartoon output went waaay down in both quantity and quality. Most of the toons since May have been pretty ordinary. I had a friend (died of cancer in Jan this year) who was a coder and he used to make sites like that - basic to look at but super-useful.

Ah Naige, the spooky look. One of my old bands made a spooky poster with everyone pulling scary heads at the camera. I expect there were a few laughs while doing the shoot and looking at the output.

Al, Goodbye Kitty is pretty cool. Always good to meet people who are more deranged than me :)

Bermuda, I visited your site earlier and like that clean design approach. I enjoyed your audio samples.

I think the nicest site I made, design-wise, was for a photographer friend. Since he and his partner (also a friend) started their breeding program he's been too involved with being Mr Mum and home construction work to do much snapping so the site hasn't been updated for ages:

Notepad? OMG no. I prefer to use a WYSIWYG editor and clean up the code.
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