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Default Gretsch Renown Maple in Autumn Burst

[EDIT]: Gig pics up post 29!

Hi all.

I'm really excited to say that I've got my kit set up perfectly for me now. If you view my recent posts, I have been whining about tone and set up, and how I was having problems with these things, but I think I've finally got the kit right where I want it; physically and sonically.

The heads are Evans G2 coated over Evans G1 clear with 3 exceptions:
- 8" is G1 coated over G1 clear
- 10" is G2 over Clear Ambassador (because Sam Ash ran out of 10" G1s),
- Snare is ST Dry over the stock DW head (which needs a changing pretty badly).

I found this kit on craigslist for only the shells and a snare stand (no snare drum included) for $785, but I had to drive about 4 hours to get it. I'm still happy with my decision though!

Drum Specs:
- 20x22 virgin bass drum
- 7x8 tom
- 8x10 tom
- 9x12 tom
- 14x14 floor tom
- 5x14 DW Collector's Series Black over Brass Snare Drum
- 5x13 Tama Stagestar Snare (nice aux snare)

Cymbal Specs:
- 8" K splash
- 14" K/A hi hats
- 16" Medium Thin crash
- 17" K Custom Hybrid crash
- 19" K Custom Hybrid crash
- 20" A Medium ride
- 18" B8 Pro China

Anyway, here are the pics, taken right before I packed them up to play a show later that day. It was so nice outside, and I wanted to see how the finish would look in proper light. I'll have some gig pics up later too. Enjoy!


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