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Default Re: Funk & Blues Kit Revamp -d.c.drummer

Originally Posted by d.c.drummer View Post
Since I last posted my stuff (, my kit has shrunk dramatically, Ive upgraded and bought a lot of things and I am generally happier with it.

I am now playing in a funk and blues band so i have changed my kit accordingly. It's a simple 4 peice ( + aux. snare sometimes) with a decent amount of cymbals.

Drums: Pearl Export
-22'" Bass
-8", 10" & 14" Toms

-Tama Starclassic G Maple 14"x6" 13 ply snare (my baby)
-Pork Pie Little Squealer 12" ( the bane of my existence)

Cymbals: Zildjian K and K Customs (w/ one exception)
-14" K Mastersound Hats
-14" K Custom Fast Crash
-18" K Med-Thin Crash
-18" Sabian Vault Crash (so much better than an A custom. I had to go Sabian on this one)
-20" K Constantinople Med-Thin Prototype Ride
-20" K Custom Ride (so sweet sounding)

Hope you like.

EDIT: And just to make everyone a little greener, i must tell you that all of those cymbals (except my K custom ride) were under $150 used.

Sweet kit, man! I love funk!
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