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Default Re: Caddy's Ludwig kit w/Zildjian cymbals

Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
Hehe, silver and gold sparkle...that are two great looking wraps!!
Well, it`s a vintage Ludwig and a vintage Slingerland...isn`t that amazing?!

Really nice eye- and ear-catcher Caddy...

By the way, what music do you mainly make? I can`t imagine really...

Thanks for sharing your photos, true candy!

Hmm...I guess it's more "drum candy" than "drum porn", huh? You made me think of Hershey's Kisses with the silver and gold wraps.

What music do I MAINLY make? That's a tough one. I play rock, blues, jazz, funk, and latin on the kit, but they kind of bleed together. You know, one heavily influences the others, and vice versa. Mostly, lately, I've been playing world music gigs. There's a booming scene here in Portland. It's a lot of fun, and stretches me in ways I'm unfamiliar with. Also, I've had a couple of classical gigs lately, but that's besides drum set. I also write my own stuff, which is in the range of "acoustic singer-songwriter" to rock.
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