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Default Re: Great pictures, and a few new additions!!

katman : Thanks! I definitely prefer having the ambassadors on the smaller toms - they're alittle harder to dial in just right, but they SING! The 12 and 14" toms have a very similar sound, and they don't have a problem sustaining. With the Emps, they're easier to tune, and they have more low-end resonance.

Westicle : thank you sir - the 57s are good on the toms, but I'm saving for Sennheiser MD421s in the future. The sound quality of the 57s suffer a bit, because the free-spinning caps rattle a bunch at certain frequencies. (even when they're attached to a free stand, and not on the rim of the drum). I do my best to glue them down every month or two, but it's really annoying (and messy!) I tried using a Beta52 on my 14" tom once, it sounded horrible :)

Drumsword : thanks man! That sound sample was myself, playing along to a song called "Windowpane" by Opeth. That particular version is from their live CD "The Roundhouse Tapes". If you like that style of music, get their album "Damnation". It's all moody prog-rock, and widely regarded as one of their best efforts. Be forewarned though, the rest of their material is a bit.....heavier

Drummer Karl : Thanks, i'm looking at most likely Boston...that seems to be where all the jobs are, and it doesn't hurt that Berklee is right there! I actually considered going to Berklee about a year ago, but decided not to (and i'm very glad!)

Tom Sawyer : Windowpane video coming soon :) i just need to get better!

Remoking : I love my Zen! I've had it for a year, and i've dropped it numerous times, even dunked it into a half-full cup of water by accident. Still running perfectly, except for the occasional lockup/re-indexing. The volume output could be higher, but i guess you sacrifice volume for sound quality

IronCobra : Thanks man, i'm definitely wanting to take some outdoor pictures, but i'll probably have to wait until Nobember or so . Here in central florida, we don't really have Winter, Spring, Summer, and's either unbearably humid, hot, and damp (the wet season, it rains almost every day) or it's a little colder, and extremely dry (during the months of October-February). It also doesn't help that there's a tropical storm above me at the moment :)

But yes! If it weren't for the fact that i'd worry about the humidity affecting the drums, i'd do it in a heartbeat.

thanks again everybody!
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