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Default Re: Great pictures, and a few new additions!!

thanks fellas :)

As far as cutting the cymbals down, i started off marking the cymbal where i wanted to cut it - i used a sharpie, and spun the cymbal around on a stand, and used a piece of string to keep the marker in one place and mark a continuous circle all the way around.

Next, i used some tin snips -

this part SUCKS, and make sure you wear gloves. It requires tremendous forearm strength (good thing we're drummers, huh?) to cut through the thicker cymbals (Z-Customs, rides, etc). Your lines don't have to be perfect, but make sure you don't go smaller than your intended diameter.

Once you've got it down to a rough size, you need to find a way to attach it to an electric drill. I found something suitable at my hardware store here. It's basically a bit that can clamp onto the cymbal (i'll take a picture of it).

Finally, you need to spin the cymbal against a bench grinder or something similar -i picked one up for under 50 dollars. WEAR EYE PROTECTION!!! a tiny bit of bronze, lodging itself in the back of your eye cavity, can cause unfathomable discomfort, not to mention future blindness. Make sure the cymbal is balanced on the drill, you don't want it wobbling against the grinding wheel. I just do this until the edges are perfectly round and smooth, and then finish it off with some 100-200 grit sandpaper. After that, while it's still on the drill, i get out the cymbal polish and clean 'er up!

hope that helps you guys.
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