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Default Re: My upadated d'n'b set up! (Sabian Prototypes, Zildjian, Meinl, Pearl, Sonor...)

Very nice kit!
I'm a sonor man myself and i've been playing a lot of jojo mayer inspirated d'n'b stuff as well.
Your kit reminds me of mine, i have a sonor delite (18 - 10 - 14) with a 14x5 delite snare and have been looking for the perfect side snare for a long time now.
there's two things i would like to ask you; your main snare is a piccolo and your side is a deeper metal one, why do you prefer this? I have the idea the main snare should be the one with the 'richest' more complex sound out of the two and the side should be - for instance a piccolo - with less complexity in tone. Also, have you ever tried out the sonor jungle snare? I'm thinking about getting one as my side snare.

Take care
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