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Default Re: My Mapex Surprise!

OK. I have some new gear and pics to update.

What's new:

Iron Cobra Hi Hat

The Black Panther Thick Flame Maple snare (6 x 14)

14 HHX Stage hats
16 HHX Studio crash
18 HHX China
20 HHX Stage ride

Aquarian heads
Snare: Hi Energy batter/Classic Clear snare side
Toms: Super 2 coated batters/Classic Clear reso
Bass: Superkick II

I also moved my AAXcelerator Hats to an auxilliary position. I relegated the 8 x 8 tom to the gear box and moved the 10 and 12 toms over to make room for a new ride position. For the record, I find this set up veeeeery comfortable. The 14 tom has been moved from a suspended position and put on a snare stand.

Here are some new pics. The last two are the new cymbals and a "Family Photo" of all my bronze.
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