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Default Re: My Mapex Surprise!

Gearhead and Victor - I think the sound of the G2 over G1 is fantastic. Veeeeery warm but still gives a nice tuning range. I had G2 over clear ambassadors, but find the current combo to be the sound I like the most.

Fusssion- About the stand: for me, the jury is still out. While I find the placement of the pedal and the hats to be PERFECT for me, I am finding some sloppiness in the pullrod and cannot, for the life of me, keep my bottom hat flat. I don't know if this is common to all "remote" hats or just this one. I so desperately want the stand to tighten up at the top and then I would recommend it unequivocally. I've just posted on a thread with these questions. Here's the link.

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