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Default Re: My Mapex Surprise!

Originally Posted by baz View Post
I love my el sabor as well. I used to use it as a crash ride, then with my Manhattan ride, primarilly for the bell. I found a used 20" el sabor ride, and 14" el sabor hats, so I know use the el sabor trio with an 18" HHXtreme crash as my LOUD cymbals. I like the trashiness of the extreme crash, as it is not as obnoxious as a china. iIt looks like you use the ozone crash for the same purpose.

Bingo. I may add a china eventually, but I hated the "kang" of the B8 Pro. The ozone has almost a small gong quality to it with the wash. And because of what I'm getting out of the ozone, if I do go with another china, I want it to be really quick - not quite Sabian Chopper quick - but close.

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