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Default Re: My Mapex Surprise! ('08 Update)


Here are some updated pics with some new gear. Many poses are the same as my first post; sorry for the lack of creativity. The pics are straight out of the Department of Redundancy Department. Sorry for my goofy reflection in the bass reso in the first pic (any of you photoshop wizards want to make like David Copperfield and make me go "poof" that's fine by me).


16 B8 Pro med crash out 16 AA Rock crash in
18 B8 Pro china out 18 AAX Ozone crash in


Mapex 500 series hi hat stand out Gibraltar Ultra Adjust hi hat stand in

The pics also represent my most common setup with the moongels on the toms, the PDP as the main snare, and the Mapex snare collecting dust (space constraints). Enjoy!
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