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Default Re: My upadated d'n'b set up! (Sabian Prototypes, Zildjian, Meinl, Pearl, Sonor...)

Originally Posted by Raymond Bloom View Post
I'm planning to add a Remo Tunable Sound Shape 10'' so it will be a 4 snare set-up...! :)
About the Black Panther, I have a hard time tuning it every time I do it, the sound is a bit too choked (Coated Ambassador on top!), I think I need to replace the snares and the bottom head, but all in all, I want a specific tuning for a secondary snare with my d'n'b set-up, I tune it as low as it can go without sounding messy, for that reason I have my Sonor Special Edition 14''x5,5'' steel with an Emperor on top, it sounds perfect for what I need!!

I use my 14'' Black Panther as ''workhorse'' so to say, if I need to play rock or jazz or other type of music that is not electronic, I just don't want to tune it every time (I have 5 snares, each for a different purpose), so I use my Sonor steel as a secondary snare most of the time!
Ah, I could see that, Panthers are very rocky (14x5.5 is a very rocky size...)

I dig, keep it up
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