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Default Re: My upadated d'n'b set up! (Sabian Prototypes, Zildjian, Meinl, Pearl, Sonor...)

Originally Posted by Latin Groover View Post
Hey Ray kits looking better and better, still waiting on the recordings though. Hows the 'Blumz Project' going?
And how does that jungle snare sound? All looks great!
Blumz Project.... lol Maybe ''Prohibited Blumz'' haha

the project is called ''Urban Beat Factory''! Right now I'm busy with some stuff, a new jazz club will open it's doors in january (or february) which will be my main d'n'b stage, every week one Urban Beat Factory evening with live d'n'b! Till the end of this year, I doubt to have some time for recordings, also, I want to get full potential out of everything, I still need to get used to some stuff that I have (for example - my sampler)

That Jungle snare is awsome! It sounds really... jungle?! :)

my new d'n'b set-up!

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