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Default Re: My upadated d'n'b set up! (Sabian Prototypes, Zildjian, Meinl, Pearl, Sonor...)

as you can see, I have updated my set-up a bit

Check out that last picture:
Cymbals (from left to right)
Meinl Classics 12'' china
Sabian Signature Jojo Mayer Fierce crash 18''
Meinl Johnny Rabb X-Generation Safari hi-hats 12''
Meinl Classics splash 10''
Zildjian A Custom Fast crash 14''
Sabian Prototype Fierce hi-hats 13''
Sabian AAX Chinese 18''

snare drums
Pearl Masters Custom Limited Edition Exotic 13''x4''
Black Panther Premium Maple 24k Gold 14''x5,5'' (my favourite secondarry d'n'b snare is still Sonor Special Edition FS 3145 14''x5,5'', I just set-up my Black Panther this time)
Sonor Jungle 10''x2''

my new d'n'b set-up!
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