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Default Re: My upadated d'n'b set up! (Sabian Prototypes, Zildjian, Meinl, Pearl, Sonor...)

after a week I'll get a new china (decided to buy Sabian AAX Chinese 18''), also, I have the Fierce crash 18'' already, it's really great!!

My aim for this set-up is not to copy Jojo but to have as much authentic d'n'b set up as possible, Jojo Mayer has done a lot to recreate that sound, so obviousely, his set-up is something where to drain ideas from! Students tend to inspire from their teachers :-)

superbatman, I don't have any recordings of this set-up yet, we're doing extensive rehearshals right now, after some time, probably next month or so we will start out with a big BOOOM

I found two great musicians, a bass player and a keyboardist who messes with samplers etc (also great jazz player)

We are arriwing in a seriousely authentic d'n'b sound, Jojo gave me all the info about Nerve bass players equipment and the keyboardist has an unique sound already!

I know my project is taking too long and some of you are getting inpatient hehe but I don't want to force anything, the aim is to get the best musical result right now!

so, stay tuned!!

PS. Thank's Fijjibo!
PS2. The snare is tilted forward because I play 90% trad grip!

my new d'n'b set-up!

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