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Default Re: My Mapex Surprise!

Originally Posted by joeybeats View Post
Great looking drumset. Never played a Mapex, does it sound as good as it looks? That aux snare, do you use it much as a player with one year of drumming experience? I always wanted one, but think I wouldn't get to it enough to justify the purchase. What kind of music are you playing? Do you sit in with your wife's band? Joey
Thanks. To answer your questions: yes it does sound as good as it looks (much like your own Neil Peart tribute).
I usually only use one snare b/c of space (however it's the Pacific b/c I have it tuned very sensitive with a crisp pop); I can recommend having an aux snare just to widen the sonic pallette a bit. Plus no one has bought his last
Despite the fusion sizes, I play mostly hard rock, a little funk, and I take stabs at some jazz.
And lastly no, I don't sit in w/ wife's band cuz i'm just not good enough to gig yet. Plenty of missteps and restarts in my drumming, but I love to practice and get better.

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"No one has bought his last drum."
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