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Default Re: Funk & Blues Kit Revamp -d.c.drummer

Originally Posted by d.c.drummer View Post
the vaults are soo, smooth and glassy. Full sustain, med in volume. If you play more acoustic based stuff, (jazz, light rock, blues ect.) i would go for the K ride. if you play more electronic stuff (rock, pop, r&b, ccm) i would go for the custom. go to the zildjian website and check out who plays each cymbal. Apart from playing it in person, that should give you the best insight on whats the best for you.
thankyou very much for the advice! i dunno, the k custom ride just sounds a bit too heavy for my liking, i want something suitable for R&B and funky rock stuff, but i want it to be quite crashable too, you know? You any suggestions? or even recordings of your setup would rock! Thanks again man!
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