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Default Re: Funk & Blues Kit Revamp -d.c.drummer

Originally Posted by groove meister View Post
aw man, NICE setup! im feeling it, same sort of feel i go for, size wise! Except my kick is 20"! its funny, as ive recently switched opinions similarly to what you say - i feel sabian crashes are better than zildjian crashes, but rides, hats, and FX - zildjian is the way forward! Im buying new cymbals at the moment, gonna get a 16" evolution crash & 16" vault crash. what is the vault like?
Also, im debating between the 20" k ride, and 20" k Custom ride, like yours. How is the custom one, im so stuck!
GREAT kit man, seriously!

Richard vdB
the vaults are soo, smooth and glassy. Full sustain, med in volume. If you play more acoustic based stuff, (jazz, light rock, blues ect.) i would go for the K ride. if you play more electronic stuff (rock, pop, r&b, ccm) i would go for the custom. go to the zildjian website and check out who plays each cymbal. Apart from playing it in person, that should give you the best insight on whats the best for you.
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