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Default Re: new tom, new cymbal, new pics

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
If you want to make the bass drum look "cleaner", touch up the holes from the tom mount with black (or brown, in your case) paint, I did the same with my old Tama Stagestars, and it looked like I had a "free floating" 18" bass drum in conjunction with my Gibraltar 350C rack.
If you don't want to draw\paint directly on the shell, you could use tape stips inside the holes, that you paint black. If\when you are gonna sell it you can just remove the tiny bits of tape. Not to kill your idea thumper, but this seemed like a better idea to me...

Really nice setup by the way. I just started with a 22'' 8'' 12'' 13''(snare) setup, going from 22'' 8'' 10'' 12'' 14'' 16'' -14'',13'',10'' snares- and going back to single from double pedal. It feels great to play a little kit again, like for jazz and bop. Like that snare, really nice looking. Sounds good?

- Mofle
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