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Default Re: My new M Birch in mmm green!

Originally Posted by Zildjian 242 View Post
Wow I love that finish. Those kits look great for the cash

How do they sound though?
Well the toms have quite a balanced clean tone with very few overtones, very easy to tune (especially the smaller drums) and some good punch.

The snare is very dry. It has a lot of ring, and is quite sharp but i have it tuned quite high.

The kick drum makes a rumbly low tone, with no overtones but isnt very defined without muffling. With a pillow it is better but the volume is reduced and there is a lot of ring from the toms. When i have thicker skins on the toms there should be less ring, and i will get either an EMAD or superkick to define the kick without losing volume.

This is the best description of the sound i can give.

Hope this helps
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