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Default Re: Joey's New Drum Workshop

Thanks for the great reception of my new kit, guys! I am in love with these babies. I have been playing non-stop since I set it up. And, the neighbors have all came over, couple by couple, kids in tow, hot chocolate and drinks in hand. Everyone on the block (or earshot, anyway) have been really excited for me. All the men waiting for a turn at the kit! ... LOL. They can't complain now!

Mapex -- Thanks for commenting on the pic. It's the one I didn't take!

Karl and snowdogyyz - Yes, Steve Smith influenced me ... 100%. I love his DVD and listen to it daily as I practice some of his techniques and grooves. He has a musicality that I have just not heard from some of the other drum gods, though I know they have it, I just have to find the correct tape. I decided to get the exact size as Smith, ran it by a few guys here, and they said, cool. I ordered his exact size drums, and even went for his LP setup! I love the latin thing and have my first lesson tomorrow night. Can't wait! Anyway, the thing about the 8 inch depth is that being shallow, not only does it sound really nice, but together with the kick being 20", I can get my toms lower to the ground, and that way I can have them flatter. Makes it easier for me to play on the toms when the heads are flatter, if that makes sense. Easier on my wrists for rolls and just striking them, to me anyway.

Salicete - I agree about seeing the drums for the first time out of the box, nothing like it. Exactly why I included the pics of the boxes and the drums on the floor. I knew someone would appreciate those two pic's ... I'm glad I put them up there.

The cymbals, well I just went to about five stores in the Bay Area one day and played all the types and brands of cymbals I could locate. Turned out that these sounded pretty good to my newbie ear, so I went with them.

75sling - I love the sound of the kick. I left the pillow in there, but thinking of taking it out soon. The 16 x 16 sings. I'm thinking the kick will do the same, once I remove it.

The rest of you that commented on the finish, I'm glad you like it. I understand it is old fashioned style, with the new beautiful wood finishes available. But, I just had to go with red sparkle!

The snare? Well it was a no brainer, after getting some input from a couple of the guys here on the board. The Black Beauty sounds amazing and after playing it the last couple of days, I absolutely love it.

Animalbeats, I don't sell children ... among other things, I play poker!

Thanks again to all of you for the great and enthusiastic comments. I truly mean that. Joey
My Kit . . .

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