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Originally Posted by rhydianjlewis View Post
I cant get the amount of dampening right in the kick yet, to get right amount of punch and low end. I will put a small pillow in it soon. The toms have deep tones, however there is a lot of ring on the snare right through the tuning range, i will probably get a remo powerstroke 3 or other pre-dampened head soon. As i have only had the kit 2 days i dont have everything tuned how i like it yet but i will get sound clips up sometime.

You do need the moongel a bit because the heads are cheap and thin but only really on the larger toms.

Also, I was really close to buying a 16" floor tom to go with it but i found out it was 159 ($300) so I decided against it but i might well buy one at some time in the future as the option is always open. Hope that answers all questions and thanks for the replies!
Well that confirms which kit I'm going to buy. I was a little hesitant about buying it. I going to go for it. My parents might even buy it for me!
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