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Default Re: My BRAND NEW kit!!!

Originally Posted by !Best_Drummer_Ever! View Post
I agree with TP, you need some new cymbals, other than the pearl ride, and maybe a new pedal. But that is as beautiful kit man!
Originally Posted by Tama Player View Post
That is a really sweet lookin kit! I love the way the color fades and thats a pretty big bass drum! The only thing(s) i would change is the pedal and your crash and hi-hat. But you can get those at a later time, but once again very nice, ; )!
Are you two saying that he doesnt need to get rid of that pearl ride? its fine for now but pearls aint known for their cymbals. If i was him i would replace the hats first, then ride, then start on the crashes.

But anyways nice kit. I have a Yamaha stage custom in marina green (not the fade). its a nice color
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