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Default Re: Mapex Pro M Purple to White Fade

Originally Posted by Mapex589
I couldn't agree more with these comments. I do all of my business with a local 5 star drum shop not the big box stores. Why not support a true drum shop instead of a drum room!! I understand some folks dont have a choice in the matter but if you have a local drum shop in town they seem to have the long term employees who know their stuff and five star shops have just a good of prices as the GC's of the world. Support your local drum shops!!
Thanks, Mapex589! John Bellone's coers all rock instruments (and so all I manage is the drum section), but we still try to make sure everyone is happy. I WILL say a word for all drum guys (good and bad) ... this is a REALLY HARD JOB (though I love it), and trying to recall everything that I need to do everyday is a heavy task set... I'll quit my whining, though, could be worse... I can think of a million jobs I don't want :) But be easy on the drum guys around the industry, ESPECIALLY young guys like me that have only a few years experience. I've never been to a Guitar Center... but a complete knowledge set and understanding towards customers IS A MUST :) I hope I'm getting there, Zappafan was easy... once I got him to stop talking :) and buy something ha ha ha !!
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