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Default Re: Mapex Pro M Purple to White Fade

Thanx for the kind words crumbdrums , hardrocker74 and bonham990.
crumbdrums - apparently , they discontinued this color (Mapex) that is. Too bad , 'cause apparently more than just me dig it ;)

As for YOU , Mr. (Sir) Perkins. Thanx for the comment brother.

For the other guys here , he did sell me the cymbals and without his help , I would not have found the right ones for me. If there are beginners /intermediate players here and I'm sure there are you guys would be fortunate to have someone like that working in a music store that is :

1. Extremely knowledgeable about not only ALL brands of cymbals but of ALL the brands of drums he carries.
2. Helpful in terms of finding the right sound for YOU. ( Thanx for not letting me get the neat looking Titanium ones...did I just say that I liked those ;))

Apparently , from reading on other forums , this is not the case in many shops (ie Guitar Center)

*can I have my 20 bucks now , Teddy??*

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