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Default Re: Mapex Pro M Purple to White Fade

xXdrums - Thanx dude. Love the HHX and K's

Drummer Karl - Thanx! Crazy is a good thing ;)

wnameth - I would suggest that if it sounds good to you , go for it (that being the K). For me personally , I dig the darker sounds. Therefore , K's and HHX are similar in tone , so I went for that particular match. There is nothing wrong with mixing series , though. The A series , I believe is a brighter pitch as well as the A custom which you have. If you like the contrast of sounds , that would be cool as well. It's all preference. No wrong answer here. You can look on the Zildjian web site and you will see pro's having a mixture of stuff in there arsenal as well. As an example - Tim Alexander of Primus uses an A custom splash and crashes but uses a K custom ride. Hope that helped dude.

Mapex589 - Thanx. I got a good deal on a printer from my buddy and got the pics on the net. I have the cool baby playing drums on another wall too ;) The middle one is my kit before the K's and the Splash.

Darren 675 - Thanx!

photon - Thanx! The lacquer finishes are amazing imo too. The tobacco fade is awesome too.
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