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Default Re: Mapex Pro M Purple to White Fade

No law that states: "Thou shalt keep thy cymbal brands pure."

Synthetik - right on! I see some guys ask "What's the closest Sabian to an A custom Zildjian" as an example. What you say is absolutely correct - In that case I just stated - I say , just get the A custom. No need to be a one brand dude if they aren't payin' ya. I just got what sounded good to me.(BTW , no one will be paying me any time soon to use their cymbals ;))

"Introducing The Siamese monster's mini me." Monster lite!
I like it!

badlydubbed sean

Yes , it is a Pro M and is a riot to play.
As Synthetik pointed out , the cymbal tonal qualities are similar , so they match. Although there is no rule which cymbals to get , they work for me.
Thanx dude.
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