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Default Re: Some New Gear (And More to Come)

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat
Nice going there Ege. That configuration is a classic, for a good reason. Everything's easy to reach. I do find it somewhat ironic that the heaviest crash managed to break and the other's didn't. I've always said heavier cymbals are more prone to breaking. Have you ever had any problems with tom positioning? When I had large toms I always found setup to be a real pain.
Yeah I found that ironic too. And to add more to that, I use the medium and the thin crashes more than I use the heavy crash. But with the crack, the heavy crash now has a fast "swish" effect. It actually sounds good (as an effect cymbal :P).

And yeah I've had a few problems with tom postitioning. Because they're so big (and I'm so short :P) I have to have them low to the bass drum, and they tend to touch the lugs on the bass drum and when I played those toms, they would rattle against the lugs. So I rose them up a bit and that eliminated the rattling (and I actually found it a bit more comfortable).

@radeq, you're right. The sound is HUGE. :)
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