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Default Some New Gear (And More to Come)

Rather than bump the old thread, I decided to start up a new one.
I finally had the chance to upgrade some of my gear, and I will also soon be replacing one of my crashes (free set of air drums if you can guess which crash :P). Expect some pics when I get the new stuff. For those who posted in the other thread of my'll be happy to know the angles have dropped. :)

Drums: Mapex Mars
22x18 Kick
14x6.5 Steel Snare
12x10 Tom
13x11 Tom
16x16 Floor Tom

Cymbals: Sabian/Zildjian
14" B8Pro Rock Hi hats (to be replaced by 14" Zildjian New Beats)
18" B8Pro Heavy Crash *cracked* (to be replaced by an 18" Zildjian Projection Crash, or an 18" Medium Thin Crash)
16" Zildjian A Thin Crash
18" B8Pro Medium Crash
20" B8Pro Lite Rock Ride
16" B8Pro China

Heads: Remo
Snare: Coated PS3
Toms: Coated Emperors
Kick: Clear PS3 with Falam Patch

And here are the pics:
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