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Default Re: Thaard's one year jazz-drumming study.

Originally Posted by Anthony Amodeo View Post
I agree with this

....and jodgey4 mentioned that your snare needs to be louder.....which is absolutely not the case at all

if anything your overall volume could come down a bit .....everything should fall under the umbrella of the ride cymbal volume wise ......take the mind state of a funk or rock player and flip it inside out ....180
I have ego problems or something like that because I feel like I need to defend myself... sorry.
The second part of that was verbatim advice I gave to a friend today on jazz drumming. I should have been more clear about what I meant... in the recording, the lower tuned snare is a bit muddy, and I wanted to hear what he was playing. To add presence in this situation, the only option other than tuning (which I won't tell him how to do) would be to create an artificial raised presence of snare by raising the volume ~5%.
But in the end you are right; I should've kept my mouth shut. The balance was pretty pro, just like your playing. Anthony is much more qualified than I to make suggestions!
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