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Default Re: Thaard's one year jazz-drumming study.

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Thaardy my man, so good to see you posting your amazing playing here again. I find your journey fascinating, although you probably just regard it as bloody hard work. Are you still working at the studio?

You know me well enough to know I'm in no position to offer any critique whatsoever. Let's just leave it that I enjoy your playing immensely, & I know that you'll succeed in your endeavours. It's difficult to see how someone with your talent coupled to your work ethic can do anything other than reach your goals.

Truly great stuff, & I await the next chapter with interest (maybe the return of the curtain?)

Hey andy. Thanks, and no, I've quit the studio job(quit as in they didn't have enough money, so they let go of the new guys). So, I'm moving to a bigger city this summer. Hopefully playing with some more people.
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