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Anthony Amodeo
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Default Re: Thaard's one year jazz-drumming study.

Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
Thanks heaps for all the feedback guys. I've sent them to my drum teacher too, so I'll hopefully get some feedback from him in tomorrows drum-lesson.

So, from what I gather I need to comp to fill in the cracks, ease on the accenting with the melody, train more vocab, groove more with the ride and give some more air. Anything else?

What I dislike most about my jazz-drumming is my solo's and fills. They are too much rooted in the chopsy/funk/fusion spectrum of drumming. Hopefully, they will come with experience and vocab practicing.
Thaard please know that all my critiques are some nit picky shit and I only share it because I see an abnormal amount of potential in your playing

as for the solo type vocab....that stuff will come in time ....through listening ....and in my opinion transcribing

I have a fantastic For Big Sid transcription that I have pulled endless amounts of vocabulary from for many years that I could send you would be a really great start to feeling that classic vocabulary

first I learned it note for note....had a blast doing it by the way
then I broke it down to the licks I liked most
I then altered some of them to fit my tendencies and slightly modernized them ......and use them to this day

I feel it is important to learn the classic vocab before approaching the more contemporary vocab of Ari Hoenig , Brian Blade, Eric Harland, Justin Faulkner ...and guys like that .....all those guys modernize classic vocabulary

here is Justin Varnes youtube page....he is in the middle of something he calls "52 licks"
he puts out a lick a week that he borrows from some of the greats and tells you the tune he got it from so you can go listen and pull your own inspiration from ....each one really good to learn....and it is all simple stuff but very affective

here also is a guy named Tim Metz youtube page....also a great resource for some nice vocabulary

hit me up with your email address if you want that Max Roach transcription I mentioned earlier

I want to do everything I possibly can to help you because I really admire what you are doing and highly respect your playing ability
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