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Anthony Amodeo
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Default Re: Thaard's one year jazz-drumming study.

Originally Posted by aydee View Post

Really surprised to hear that you are not 'good enough for jazz'? completely agree with Grea & Anthony.. thats really nice playing, any way you look at it, period!!

For what its worth, if youre looking for criticism, my two pennies:

Perhaps a little over-comped. You we playing entire melodic phrases rather than accenting
parts of them, and the volume of the phrasing got a little high in context of the ride cymbal.. but maybe thats just the recording.. ( Peter Erskine is a good guy to listen to for volume IMO )

All in all, kickbutt stuff though..

Hope alls good with you, long time.

I agree with this

instead of following the tunes hits verbatim ....which is more of a big band style....tie in your own phrases to compliment them .....fill in the cracks so to speak

the playing was also a bit too "rock" at times .....but as dmacc said....touch will absolutely come in time and vocabulary will translate

....and jodgey4 mentioned that your snare needs to be louder.....which is absolutely not the case at all

if anything your overall volume could come down a bit .....everything should fall under the umbrella of the ride cymbal volume wise ......take the mind state of a funk or rock player and flip it inside out ....180

but you are so on your way to becoming a fantastic jazz player

your approach to jazz playing reminded me a bit of Justin Faulkners approach

really proud of you Thaard ....for jumping out of your comfort zone and killing it in this style that I and so many of us live for
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