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Default Re: Thaard's one year jazz-drumming study.

I'd listen to you play all day. You should post more. Solid timing, super excellent vocab. Well beyond mine in any case. I'd throw in a small passage in some of the swing stuff with just some hardcore quarter notes on the ride, just to show some simple playing. Also, there are a few moments in each tune where you could probably let loose a little more and bring up the volume. Crash on that Sand Ride, and spank it real good. Some dirt won't hurt.
Not sure if this is a playing comment or a mixing thing, but I would personally prefer to hear the snare louder. Your left hand has some mad skill, but some of the definition and presence is getting lost. On a looser snare, you could try comping closer to the middle, that might help. Or it's just a micing/mixing issue, and the snare just needs to be brought up.
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