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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

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Others have alluded to this but I'll say it as well.

Keith was not particularly interested in 'playing nice' with the other members of the band. He was not an anchor (although when he wasn't dosed up he actually had decent time) to follow like we consider most drummers to be. He was a 'lead' drummer - everything he did was played for the effect of melody as much as it was rhythm. In a way, Entwistle was a perfect foil for Moon in that Entwistle had superb time and was a very, very solid bass player rhythmically who could also play fantastic melodic lines.

I've tried to get into Keith Moon's head before as a player and I've only ever sounded like a pale imitation at best. I think that's true of most of us if we try. Oddly, I think the closest player to Keith Moon might well be Elvin Jones or Rashied Ali. Both players have similar melodic leanings that Moon emulated and both also had plenty of power. I know that Anthony has a lot to say about Elvin too (he's probably my favourite player) and I can't help but think that there's a direct link in the playing between Elvin and Keith - even if Keith wasn't aware of it.

funny thing ...Elvin actually liked Keiths drumming and expression on the kit

when I was studying with Elvin in the mid to late 90s I was still very much a rock drummer trying to make sense of what in the world jazz players were doing.....and at the time I was obsessed with Keith and about a year removed from my extensive research and contact with Keiths family and friends...

...and I had asked Elvin about Keith Moon as I would ask him about lots of drummers.

Elvin expressed to me that he had not heard everything that Keith had done but what he heard he had enjoyed.....he said he liked his raw expression .

I'm pretty sure his actual quote was.....that boy was a bad m***er F***er.

he also spoke about meeting Pete Townshend at Ronnie Scotts in the 1970s

there is actually an Elvin quote on Keith here

and here Keith admits to picking up things from Elvin

....and I agree with your comparison as well

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