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Default Re: New Yamaha Stage Custom in Honey Amber

Originally Posted by major_panic View Post
Do you play traditional grip, but holding the sticks waaaaay back, pretty much at the base? Just like a certain... K.C.?
I've tried practicing and even jamming live that way, but I don't have enough control of the stick. I do like playin traditional grip sometimes, but my left hand is a little further up on the stick. I did start holding the stick in my right hand like him though. It's very comfortable and I can pull off a lot more.

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
He's gonna have to sell this Yamaha kit and buy a Gretsch Brooklyn kit. :-)
Funny you should say that. Two of my favorite drummers are Carlock and Questlove (see username), but I didn't go with Yamaha because they played Yamaha. I got it because they were the best drums and the best price for the configuration I wanted. Not long after I put my order in for the kit, Keith went to Gretsch and Quest went to Ludwig. All the guys at work were joking, saying I need to cancel my order now. Haha
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch in Honey Amber
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