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Default Re: New Yamaha Stage Custom in Honey Amber

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post

I wish that finish would have been available when I got mine. I like it much better than the Natural Wood. Naturally, it came out right after I got them - ha ha.

I also would have preferred a shallower depth (14") on my 20" bass. 17" is OK, but it seems an odd way to go.
Yamaha is strange that way. My 18" bass drums are 15" deep.

Anyways - an all around nice looking setup. Have you tried putting the 10" tom in the 'normal' position? Or does that just not sit right with you.
Thanks! That's usually how things happen. But the way of the world will come back around in your favor eventually. It always does. =]

The first three pictures at the top of the thread feature the 10" in the 'normal' position. I don't think I'd ever do this for a gig. Maybe I'd mess around with that kind of set-up in a rehearsal room or something, but I like a standard one-up, one-down or one-up, two-down set up. I can't wait for the 16".
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch in Honey Amber
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