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Default Re: My 60's Silver Sparkle Ludwigs!

Originally Posted by NerfLad View Post
Thanks man! Haha yep, I've drooled over your gear thread several times!
Oh man...if only you knew! My Downbeat is SOOOOOOO sweet!

Originally Posted by Artstar View Post
Caddy.. I disagree. The glass glitter plastic.. ESPECIALLY the Dw stuff.. looks CHEAP to me..
The sparkle wraps have a sheen to them that forms a horizontal sparkle, while the glass glitters are more irregular, like little random starlight sparkles dotting the drum. I'm more entranced by the glitter due to the non-uniformity of it. I dunno. Everyone has their preferences. :)

I do prefer the silver sparkle over other color sparkles, because there is more of a prism effect. Silver sparkle reflects red and blue stage lights in a way that red sparkle and blue sparkle don't...
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