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Default Re: My 60's Silver Sparkle Ludwigs!

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
NIIIIIIIIIIIICE! Way cool! I have a 12/14/20 and a 12/13/16/22 set, both in silver sparkle. They're the best!
Thanks man! Haha yep, I've drooled over your gear thread several times!

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
Actually, side-by-side, the broken glass glitters are SO much more vibrant and complex than the sparkle finishes, but the sparkles still look great, especially under the stage lights. If Ludwig would have done the broken glass instead of the sparkle finishes, they would be perfect-er!
Agreed, honestly. I love the nice vintage look of these drums, but those glass glitters are eye popping! (almost said pooping... happy saturday!)
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