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Forum: General Discussion Yesterday, 08:10 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Massive OCD

Fiddling can take up a lot of time.
Take everything off your kit but snare, bass hats and ride, and just play with that for awhile. Still plenty to be done with few if any adjustments.
Do you do...
Forum: Drums Yesterday, 07:35 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Supra-Acro, refurbished Acrolite on ssteroids

Nice job! Gotta love tube lugs, they look great on all kinds of snares.
Forum: General Discussion Yesterday, 07:11 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: I'm not getting this.

This is a non-issue. Never saw anythign heavy-handed.
"Complainer Dude" is acting like a wuss.
Thing is .....he's lurking on here reading this anyway.
Forum: General Discussion Yesterday, 07:05 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Forum down for two days = completely unacceptable consequences!

Missed DWorld, but my ability to concentrate on other things increased.
Forum: Drums 11-20-2014, 01:51 AM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Should I buy this snare drum?

Sure buy that snare if you like its sound.
If you are looking for a good cheaper alternative snare, try a used Ludwig Acrolite. If has to be a wood snare - there are also many other great options...
Forum: General Discussion 11-20-2014, 01:24 AM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Beginners Guide on what to buy

+1, The most excellent advice.
I did exactly this (but not planned that way) and am glad I did. Took me awhile to figure out the right pro cymbals though. That was all before my 'DW education'.
Forum: Drums 11-20-2014, 01:18 AM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Is this a good deal?

very good deal, with the snare pedal and other stuff. i'd try to offer $50 lower though. too bad its got pinstripe heads, i'd change those out right away.
Forum: General Discussion 11-18-2014, 05:15 AM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Putting band name on kick drum head, with multiple bands?

I've also heard (on here somewhere) of decals that stick on with very small magnets (i.e both side of reso), so small they would not affect too much of the movement of a reso head.

You can always...
Forum: General Discussion 11-18-2014, 02:39 AM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Possibly my first serious thread. Sexism.

And how is this progressive? Trans-men getting pregnant/giving birth will somehow swing the pendulum to eventually have all other men begin to understand a women's perspective? The majority of humans...
Forum: Drum Technique 11-18-2014, 02:17 AM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Band members with bad timing

Correction - sorry, I re-read your first post and now see you are "up on a stage". Aha.

1. hold your tempo, don't be pushed around, or
2. tell them your issue
3. leave the outfit

Our bass...
Forum: Drum Technique 11-18-2014, 02:10 AM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Band members with bad timing

If it's an informal thing, why not just stop mid-tune and say "you're rushing' or 'you're dragging' ...'this is going too slow, too fast'. 'Lets start over get it right.'?
Or hold your ground on...
Forum: General Discussion 11-17-2014, 04:02 AM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Is it OK to talk about the movie "Whiplash" yet?

Teaching by fear, intimidation, nastiness...etc. ? IMO that is totally a stupid, uber-ego, power trip and ineffective. It doesn't work, in sports either.

Not seen the movie yet but saw the trailer...
Forum: Drums 11-17-2014, 03:14 AM
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Posted By opentune
Re: 8Mile's Gretsch itch

Burnt Orange would be my pick. Love that on Gretsch drums.
My guess is though, you play jazz at corporate or 'black-tie affairs' where perhaps a certain look will matter? if so, I would get...
Forum: General Discussion 11-17-2014, 12:02 AM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Doug Clifford’s 1969 CCR Drum Kit on Museum Display

One can't assume what a drummer toured with or shows up in pics of the day, was what was used in studio. Clifford went to the 18 hihats mostly in the live setting - to compete with amplification, as...
Forum: Drums 11-16-2014, 10:20 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Help identify a Premier drum set

but the cases for the 2nd guy are way cooler.......
Forum: General Discussion 11-16-2014, 09:30 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Possibly my first serious thread. Sexism.

Certainly in many workplaces, and in my workplace, even though I work in a so called environment of 'higher-education'.
Unfortunately, its generational, and in some ways (like racism) will take...
Forum: General Discussion 11-15-2014, 11:03 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: LDS - An influential show...

Cool Henri, and what an Intro to drumming for her by meeting Nick Mason!

I'm curious, she must have been exposed to drums/drumming in your house as a kid. Has she never shown any interest in your...
Forum: Drums 11-15-2014, 06:43 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: bass drum claws

In my experience all claws fit a standard bass drum hoop thickness, but some claws might require shorter or longer tension rods, to reach and tighten the lugs. So make sure the combination works.
Forum: General Discussion 11-14-2014, 08:41 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Jeez, Phil...

Well if not that, latest news is that if not murders-for-hire, Phil sure was procuring a lot of hi-class escorts ....and not paying for any of them. That will get some of the mob angry.
Forum: General Discussion 11-14-2014, 06:14 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Steppin' Out - Shuffle Pattern?

Yep I could see how its not dance-ble, but am gathering there is no name for that broken pattern.
On the other hand, the beat in 'Must Have done Somebody Wrong' (T Bone Walker, Allman Bros.) seems...
Forum: General Discussion 11-13-2014, 11:03 PM
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Posted By opentune
Steppin' Out - Shuffle Pattern?

Band is learning Steppin' Out by Mayalls Bluesbrakers.

I hear the drumming pattern as a sort of 'flat tire' shuffle' that swings on the bass drum (for...
Forum: General Discussion 11-13-2014, 06:42 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: W.S. Holland Drumset at Johnny Cash Museum Exhibit

yep blue agate pearl, early-mid 60's Slingerland kit.
I think its cool he used the same kit his entire career. Not many do that.
Forum: General Discussion 11-13-2014, 06:26 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Charlie Watts: Drum Mentor

Good story, but shouldn't Watts be giving the boy a cymbal.
Forum: Drum Technique 11-12-2014, 10:28 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Clapton - Blues before sunrise ?

Larry, your voice is in my head every time now that I play with the blues trio. gotta try all this, keep it comin'
Forum: General Discussion 11-11-2014, 10:58 PM
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Posted By opentune
Re: Steve Jordan .... yeah ... watch it !

great article there spleen.

isn't this steve jordan on this wild performance of neil's?

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