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Forum: General Discussion Yesterday, 11:58 PM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: An Englishman in New Orleans.

I lived in the New Orleans area during most of the 80s, and my wife is from the area. Now we live about three hours drive away and go there once or twice a year. Frenchman Street is great, and so...
Forum: General Discussion 04-14-2015, 01:23 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Why the "hate" for nylon tips??

Like several of you drummers, I used nylon tipped sticks for a long time and then used a wood tip stick. I realized that I much prefer the feel of wood tipped sticks and much prefer how they sound...
Forum: General Discussion 04-14-2015, 01:13 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: My Kit Build Begins!

I have never owned one, but one cannot really go wrong with Yamaha. Enjoy!
Forum: General Discussion 04-13-2015, 05:05 PM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: How do you cue your live tempos at the gig?

I sort of "hum the chorus" in my head and then count it off. I have never gotten any complaints. Peace and goodwill.
Forum: General Discussion 04-07-2015, 11:58 PM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Smaller thinner kicks with good sound- ideas?

I like my Gretsch Catalina 18x14 bass drum. The batter head has an Evans EQ3, and the front head is an Evans EQ3 Resonant. I also have a Evans EQ pad sitting inside touching neither head, which...
Forum: General Discussion 04-04-2015, 06:01 PM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Left handed question

To me what matters most is what "footed" you are. I am very left handed but am very right footed. When I was young, I always kicked a ball with my right foot. So when I started playing drums back...
Forum: General Discussion 04-03-2015, 04:38 PM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: How much is my kit worth/what's it made of?

Those are very good drums. We would need to see more pictures in order to answer your questions. I play drums like those at church. They are some sort of maple blend; I do not remember because it...
Forum: Drums 04-03-2015, 12:26 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: New Ludwig Snare

Yep, that looks quite interesting. Ludwig certainly knows how to make good snare drums. Peace and goodwill.
Forum: Drums 04-03-2015, 12:23 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Mapex Nomad 13x6 brass

That looks like one very nice snare. I will probably get a 13x6 or 13x7 snare before the year is up. Peace and goodwill.
Forum: Drums 04-03-2015, 12:20 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Masters Maple by Pearl

Nice set! Red drums always sound better. Peace and goodwill.
Forum: Drums 04-03-2015, 12:18 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Finally got me an Acrolite !!

Those are excellent snares for sure. I do not own one now, but I have owned three different ones in the past, one of them for twenty or so years. Enjoy! Peace and goodwill.
Forum: General Discussion 04-01-2015, 12:32 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: No more jam sessions for me. I'm done

This is one of the best drum forum topics I have ever read. Peace and goodwill.
Forum: General Discussion 03-16-2015, 06:21 PM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Are you familiar with Jammin Sam's drum wraps?

I used Jammin Sam's on some Mapex drums that did not match, and it looks good and has held up great. Peace and goodwill.
Forum: General Discussion 03-13-2015, 12:22 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: How many bands have you been in at the same time?

I am in two now: church Wednesday night and Sunday morning and a blues band that practices every other Saturday afternoon. That is a good situation for me. Peace and goodwill.
Forum: Drums 02-28-2015, 01:25 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Using tuning to muffle 18" bass?

In my Gretsch Catalina 18 inch bass drum, I put an Evans EQ pad inside, but it does not touch the heads. It soaks up the high frequencies bouncing around inside of the drum. I had to modify the pad...
Forum: General Discussion 02-28-2015, 01:12 AM
Replies: 67
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: For those who play at church or not.

I play at church twice a week, and I am the only drummer on our worship team. I play Mapex Saturn drums and Sabian AA, AAX, and Paragon cymbals. The drums and cymbals are miced. Sometimes I play...
Forum: General Discussion 02-28-2015, 01:00 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: What makes a pro kit?

Pro drums come with good quality heads!

Peace and goodwill.
Forum: General Discussion 02-21-2015, 01:51 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Little experiment I did

Actually, it should be Lars's Ultip. All singular possessive nouns get 's. Peace and goodwill.
Forum: General Discussion 02-16-2015, 12:59 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: When playing one up and one down...

I play a one up, one down kit, but not to get the ride cymbal closer because I play open handed with the ride over by the hats. I have a crash cymbal where most drummers would put the ride. I...
Forum: General Discussion 02-10-2015, 10:03 PM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: I accept defeat.

I like cookies.

Peace and goodwill.
Forum: General Discussion 02-10-2015, 09:54 PM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: How many times have you been asked...

The last time I played at a a party, a let our guitarist's nephew play a few tunes. I was told he is not a basher, and it was nice to hear the drums and cymbals from out in front. Peace and...
Forum: General Discussion 01-30-2015, 12:21 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Hearing protection?


I have been using these, much better sound quality than the foam ones. Peace and goodwill.
Forum: Drums 01-21-2015, 02:35 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: My new "Yes I can play" kit ;)

Did you spend more for the Pearl tom mount than you did for the 12 inch tom? I like the kit. The next time we have blues band practice, I am going to take my toms that do not match just because I...
Forum: Drums 01-17-2015, 03:49 PM
Replies: 54
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: DW Jazz Over Gretsch??

They sound like drums, and that is all anyone else besides a drummer will think. Get what appeals to you for whatever reason and have fun playing. Peace and goodwill.
Forum: General Discussion 01-17-2015, 03:57 AM
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Posted By Drumolator
Re: Hilarious! Gretsch/DW

That is from the movie Downfall, which is the most realistic movie I have ever seen, and I have seen way more than my share of movies.

That video is very funny. Peace and goodwill.
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