Peter Erskine: Jumping in

Everything is Timekeeping
This video provides a wealth of ideas and information plus incredible trio performances featuring John Abercrombie and Marc Johnson. Peter demonstrates and discusses his philosophy of the jazz ride pattern, ride cymbal technique, basic jazz independence and coordination, improvisation and composition on the drumset and more. Booklet included.
Live in New York
The Abercrombie/Erskine/Mintzer/Patitucci band is comprised of four of the most acclaimed musicians in contemporary music. Each has years of performance and recording credits, all having worked with a veritable who's-who of jazz and popular music. In addition, each has led his own band, and received great critical acclaim both as a composer and a player.

On this video the band performs a set of eight brilliant compositions–two by each member of the group.
Live at Jazz Baltica
Every note is a pearl in the room and covers your heart

Peter Erskine and his congenial Partners (inter pares) John Taylor (piano) and Palle Daniellson (bass) present a live video from the Jazzfestival Baltica in Germany. The intensity of their interaction and the beauty of their composition are hard to find in any other contemporary piano trio at the moment. John Taylor is probably the most understated pianist of modern times. His playing is full of wit and his melodic spirit touches the listener not only in the very beautiful ballads on this outstanding document of great modern Jazz.

Diana Krall

Diana Krall live at the very very famous Montreal Jazz Festival, still with the almighty Anthony Wilson on guitar, but this time on bass is Robert Hurst, and Peter Erskine on drum, two of the most renowned players in jazz scene. Seeing Diana Krall and Co. play is like attending a great jazz music workshop, they show very strong understanding of different kind of jazz music, and improvise them,

the opening track "Sometimes I Just Freak Out" combine standard swing to more uptempo "bebop"-ish groove, the transition is so smooth. "Devil May Care" show how Erskine and Hurst manage the super fast bop groove with ease. the bluesy "Love Me Like A Man", and sentimental "Departure Bay" made the finale of the show. And with Elvis Costello co-writing tunes, i found that the melodies become more smooth and easy-listening, but that became a interesting blend with Krall master piano works, and great solos are all over the place, like Hurst and Erskine blaze over "East of the Sun" and "Devil May Care", the improvisation of Wilson and Krall on "Stop this World" is just jaw-dropping as well.