Chip Ritter
Single Back Flip Trick

Chip Ritter: Stick Tricks
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Chip Ritter, author of Stick Tricks, is one of those pros who has been working for many years at the trade he truly loves. In the drum book written by Chip and first published in 2002 called the Ritter Method, he described himself as "a full time professional drummer who is not famous and not rich but who plays drums because he loves music." And although that may have been the case back then, Chip has steadily been making a name for himself and he is now beginning to get the recognition he deserves. The release of this DVD by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. is proof and I predict that it will only be the beginning for this truly talented, dedicated musician.

Chip Ritter is one of the most exciting and entertaining drummers that I have ever seen behind a drum kit, which is why I invited him to perform at my DrumBeat Festival in 2007 where he was an instant hit with the audience. Chip not only plays great and puts on a great show but he knows how to teach, which is a rare combination.

If you've ever watched and envied "showboat" style drummers who twirl and spin their sticks without ever losing a beat, you're in for a real treat. On Stick Tricks, Chip not only entertains us with his cool spins, throws, flips, and juggling - all while keeping a perfect groove, he also teaches us step-by-step how we can accomplished the same thing. Let's check it out.

Stick Tricks in 13 Easy Lessons!
Chip, evidently not superstitious, breaks his DVD down into 13 separate chapters with each lesson building on the one before it. There are also three main solo chapters that show Chip demonstrating his amazing Stick Tricks in live performances.