Dave Weckl - Soloing from "How to Develop Your Own Sound"


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Dave Weckl: How to Develop Your Own Sound

The third DVD in the A Natural Evolution Series, Weckl focuses on all aspects of developing your own sound. Beginning with how to get a great acoustic sound, Weckl walks the viewer through all the details of tuning your kit and the various functions while guiding the viewer through proper selection and placement. Next Weckl works with the mixing console and covers frequencies, equalization, phase cancellation and noise gates. All of the topics are clearly demonstrated with visual graphs and audio reinforcement. This is the most complete sound reinforcement instruction ever developed for drummers.

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25th Anniversary Celebration and Bass Day 2002 DVD

a two-Disc set

Dave Weckl - playing "Chicken", Steve Gadd - performing great solos with Bass Double Pedal (!) - Horatio Hernandez - Steve Smith - Kenwood Dennard - Victor Wooten

A historic event, featuring some of the most influental drummers and bass players in the world.
Special Features:
Rehearsal Footage; Alternate Edits, with Foot Cam...
Dave Weckl -
A Natural Evolution
This video describes and demonstrates how to practice effectively in order to derive the most from your playing. All of the topics discussed are explained and demonstrated on the drum pad and then on the drum set. Lastly, they are brought to life with exciting live recordings by the Dave Weckl Band and the special acoustic group.

The video will allow you to see and hear Dave explain and demonstrate warm-ups, hand and foot development, independent practice and Swiss triplet playing. The section on time and motion studies will open your eyes and ears to a new way of building musical time into all of your playing. After covering ear protection, Dave describes and demonstrates the difference between "survival" practice, which helps you become a great supportive drummer, and "Advancement of the Art" practice, which helps you stretch the limits of the instrument.

This is an excellent album by a fusion band. For the other reviewers who are looking for something "different", I think they are looking in the wrong place. The band's charter is sophisticated time modulations, complex harmony, and plenty of groove... and they deliver. Strong song writing is found throughout the CD, and the melodies quite memorable. It might take more than a quick listen to each of the 20-second song samples to really appreciate the music. After listening to the entire CD several time, the material really grew on me. The band is air-tight and Dave's playing is better than ever. His drumming in inventive and tasteful.

I saw the band play this material live in NYC in October, and it was even more powerful in a live setting. There aren't many fusion bands out there now, but this one is carrying the torch. Well done!

Rhythm of the Soul
Audio CD
A great album from a great team...
Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver have produced another great album. This album is not a blues album but it is definitely blues-inflected. Unencumbered by the genius of a Chick Corea for producing bewildering melodies, Weckl and Oliver have produced an album of truly memorable instrumental music.